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Tauranga, New Zealand
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Tag: tauranga moana

Mount Militia Derby Crew – Winter Intake

Come along to one of our information nights and find out everything you ever wanted to know about playing roller derby! Info nights are...


Ahi kā burning to continue again āpōpō, the following areas are confirmed: - Ngāti Hē/Ngāi Te Ahi - Ōtāwhiwhi - Raropua - Tuapiro - Mangatawa (recently confirmed) If you...

Ngai Te Rangi arrive in Wellington

https://youtu.be/0U4CPQitRB8 Our lawyers Joshua Gear and Huhana Rolleston arrive in Wellington and break down the Hauraki claim to us before heading into the Office of...

Mana Moana

Hauraki Claims to Tauranga Moana Why are we Protesting? Eleven Additional Iwi To Have Say In How Tauranga Is Governed The three local Tauranga iwi are fighting...
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