Mount Militia Roller Derby Crew – Summer Intake.


Interested in Learning a new sport? Meeting cool new people? Getting fit and healthy?

Come and meet the people who have taken up the derby challenge and learn all about the best new(ish) sport to hit Aotearoa.

We come in all different shapes, sizes, experiences, ages and backgrounds. So everyone has a place in the Derbyverse.

There are three evenings where we will explain the basics of quad (roller) skating and roller derby, we will answer all of your derby-related questions and also open our trainings and scrimmages, so you can see for yourself what roller derby training encompasses.

Our intake begins on the the 6th March and runs for three evenings. They will also be free of charge. More info to come.

Hope to see you all there.

The local Roller Derby crew are opening their doors for their Summer Intake. The intake will consist of 3 Info Evenings and 3 free training sessions.

Info Evening #1 – Feb 27th 6pm

Info Evening #2 – Mar 2nd 6pm

Info Evening #3 – Mar 3rd 7pm

Intake Evening #1 – Mar 6th 6pm

Intake Evening #2 – Mar 9th 6pm

Intake Evening #3 – Mar 13th 6pm

All evenings are free of charge to allow you to get a feel for derby. If you are interested, contact MMDC on

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Instagram – @mountmilitia