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Hauraki Claims to Tauranga Moana

Why are we Protesting?

Eleven Additional Iwi To Have Say In How Tauranga Is Governed

The three local Tauranga iwi are fighting against Government plans to bring 11 additional iwi into governance arrangements in Tauranga. Apart from having no history nor ever having lived here, bringing those 11 additional iwi in to local government processes will create an unmanageable level of complexity.

Costs and time taken for anyone seeking to do anything or get a consent where they must consult with iwi will go up considerably. What this means is that all of those iwi are entitled to have a say. Therefore, roading projects, recreational fishing, subdivisions, and plan changes in Tauranga will all have input from iwi as far away as Whangarei, Auckland and Coromandel.

In Auckland, this Hauraki collective of iwi successfully carried out similar cross-claiming tactics. The objections of the main traditional iwi in Auckland were ignored so the number of iwi with a say expanded by five. That number then swelled to 11 iwi, and now is at 19. It is likely the numbers will grow in Tauranga as well if the Government is allowed to open this door.

Local Tauranga iwi have been trying to get Government to change its direction but their objections have fallen on deaf ears. Therefore, the blockading of the Tauranga Harbour was a means of bringing attention to the looming problems for the city. What is required now is for the people of Tauranga to wake up to the urgency of the crisis.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson continues to say there is no secret signing about to happen but an email has been intercepted that shows the Government is planning a signing event with Hauraki iwi on July 22nd.

What is required, with urgency, is for people en masse to email Prime Minister Bill English to demonstrate that the people of Tauranga don’t want this ridiculous deal signed. People need to get in touch with their MPs and tell them in no uncertain terms that this signing must be stopped.

People must get in touch with their councillors and mayors to say this deal must be opposed. Business organisations need to get involved and lobby against this happening. How has this been able to happen? No one is sure. The collection of Hauraki iwi is one of the most aggressive groupings in the country. Perhaps they have outmanoeuvred the Government legally. What is certain is the positive coexistence between iwi and the local wider population will not continue if Hauraki groups arrive.

Why Tauranga? Tauranga is being undermined for the same reason Auckland was. Hauraki iwi are not making claims in the East Coast of the North Island because there is no money there. The golden triangle of Auckland, Tauranga and Waikato is where the money is, and why the Hauraki groups are wanting in. The mystery is why the Government is allowing this.

What You Must Do

1. Email, message, phone Prime Minister Bill English •

2. Email, message, phone Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson •

3. Email, message, phone your local MPs •
Simon Bridges • Todd Muller

4. Email, message, phone your mayors and councillors and ask why they have not been active in opposing this deal.

• Tauranga City Mayor Greg Brownless • Western Bay of Plenty Mayor Garry Webber

• Bay of Plenty Regional Council Douglas Leeder

The 11 New Iwi

• Ngāi Tai ki Tamaki Karaka/Clevedon • Ngāti Hako Mangere • Ngāti Hei Mercury Bay • Ngāti Maru Thames • Ngati Pāoa Hauraki Plains and South Auckland • Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki Matamata • Ngāti Rāhiri Tumutumu Te Aroha • Ngāti Tamaterā Paeroa • Ngāti Tara Tokanui Paeroa • Ngāti Whanaunga Kaiaua • Te Patukirikiri Coromandel Town


Our mana and rangatiratanga over our rohe is being challenged by Hauraki and the
The Crown and Hauraki are planning to sign the Hauraki Collective Settlement that
includes rights to Hauraki in Tauranga Moana. We suspect that the objective is to sign
the deal before Parliament closes for the 2017 General Election.
The Hauraki Collective includes 12 Hauraki iwi who are located in the
Thames/Coromandel region.
If the Settlement is signed with the rights to Tauranga Moana included, these 12 iwi will
gain the right to have a say in local decisions. At present there are 3 iwi in Tauranga,
with the introduction of the Hauraki Collective, there will be 15 iwi to deal with in

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